Easing the pain of layovers

If you have to get stuck in an airport, try to make it one of Forbes Traveler's best layover picks. While Singapore's Changi still takes best in show, the U.S. has a few contenders, too, the best of which, they say, is Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport’s $1.4-billion Terminal D:

    Serving an estimated 5.6 million international passengers, the state-of-the-art 28-gate terminal offers the requisite smattering of shops and a posh 298-room Grand Hyatt Hotel, Wi-Fi access and a security screening center with three walk-through explosives-detection machines capable of processing 2,800 passengers per hour.

I've learned to deal with the airport waiting game, but given my druthers, I'll take a non-stop over a cushy layover any time.

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