E-accessible toolkit

It looks like the University of Toronto is doing just what we want to do at Medical Meetings' Web site: Create e-accessible tools for "knowledge translation programs," which I'd just call CME for our purposes. Here's a link to the page. (Thanks to Anne Taylor-Vaisey for letting me know about this!)

Actually, what we want to do is a little different. We're constantly getting requests for examples of different forms and templates which we, not being CME providers ourselves, don't have on hand. What we'd like to do to develop a one-stop shop of resources that CME providers can use, free of charge, as templates to develop their own forms, letters, and policies. Do you have sample speaker invitation letters, new ACCME Standards conflict-of-interest policies or disclosure forms, sample needs assessments, and activity evaluation forms you‘d be willing to share?

If so, send them to me at this address. We will take out all identifying information (if you don't do it first yourself) and post it to a special resources section of MM‘s Web site to be used as a free, accessible central depository. But it'll only work if you all provide the forms and temp lates, so send 'em on in! It'll be a good service for everyone.

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