Dream jobs?

Some people on the MeCo listserv are talking about having work-related dreams. While it was by no means my "dream job," once upon a time, in just-barely-there computer days, I was in charge of putting together a huge buyers guide.

I had this dream one night while I was in the midst of sorting all the photos and press releases, calling companies for more info, etc., that I found a bunch of kittens at a roadside rest area. They were all sizes, shapes, and colors, some adorable, some on the ugly side, but I had to round them all up and get them in a box so they wouldn't run out onto the highway. No sooner did I get two in the box when one would jump back out. It was making my dream-self crazy, but it had to be done.

It was so vivid—and so frustrating because I had no idea what it might meanthat I told my colleague about it. Her first response: "Oh, so you had a dream about doing the buyers guide!" It never would have occurred to me, but the second she said that, it was obvious that that was exactly what it was about. My dreams are almost never straightforward (say, a dream about getting the magazine out on deadline and having the computer fry and lose the whole thing the night before it shipped—oh wait, that wasn't a dream, it actually happened!). Must be my English major mind that likes to hide meanings within meanings, at least while I'm unconscious.

Are your work dreams more literal, or do they like to go all metaphorical like mine do? Just curious.

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