Dow and TIA: Obama's all right

Roger Dow of the Travel Industry Association says in this article that the election of Barack Obama as the next U.S. president should signal good things for inbound international travel. From the article:

    Dow noted that throughout the presidential campaign, Obama stressed the need to fix the economy, create new opportunities and repair the damaged image of the U.S. around the world. Travel and tourism, Dow said, can easily be part of the solution because it is a proven engine of economic development and contributes significantly to job creation in all 50 states. That, he said, is a “huge plus.”...and he noted that as a U.S. senator, Obama was a co-sponsor of the Travel Promotion Act, which would establish a fund to promote the U.S. to overseas travelers.

    Though the bill passed the House, it stalled in the Senate. Dow said backers would be seeking to incorporate it into an economic stimulus package “because that is exactly what it does.”

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