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Don't Stress About Stress—It May Actually Be Good for You

Don't Stress About Stress—It May Actually Be Good for You

It seems contradictory that meeting management is both one of the most stressful jobs and one of the most rewarding business positions—how can that be possible? I mean, stress is not a good thing, right?

It turns out that, in fact, episodic stress can actually be good for you, as long as you have the right attitude. Which meeting managers I've met seem to have in spades. Yes, you may look calm as a lake on a windless summer day while attendees clamor for more boxed lunches or help with the conference app, but inside you're taking all that stress and using it for the forces of good.

What kind of good? It seems that episodic stress can help you learn better, strengthen your RNA and DNA, and even boost your immune system. It may be similar to the recent study that found that telling yourself you're excited about something, rather than telling yourself to calm down, actually leads to better performance. Planners who embrace their stress actually can use it to their own benefit. Who knew?

While chronic stress is still held to be a negative thing, that speaker who didn't show up until seconds before she was to go on stage may have actually helped you live a longer, better life. Which may be a good thing to remind yourself when it happens—it  may help that speaker live a longer life too!

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