Don't drink and dial

It's funny that Anne Taylor-Vaisey, my partner in crime on our other blog, Capsules, e-mailed this New York Times editorial about why it's not a smart idea to drink and dial (it's actually against the law in Australia in some cases, as I mentioned in this post a while back).

I just saw the movie Sideways over the weekend (great, great flick), and one of the characters does just that, making a fool of himself. While I know you all never over-imbibe while traveling, and you can't possibly warn your attendees without sounding like a mother hen, it's interesting that this is becoming a big enough problem to warrant laws and editorials. I blame in on the ubiquitous cell phone--if you had to come up with the coins, you might have to stop and rethink whether it's a good idea to call the ex before sobering up.

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