Dog lovers wine club

This is fairly brilliant, and a good example of how an association can slice and dice its membership to come up with new ways to enhance their community: Dog lovers wine club, offered by the *Humane Society. HSUS members are de facto dog lovers, and of course some of them likely are wine afficionados as well. So HSUS put together a partnership with Carivintas Winery, which from its Web site likes working with and donating to nonprofits.

Every month, members get a bottle of wine, with a dog's picture on the label, mailed to them, along with dog tips and info about the wine.

What could you do that would be special to the different segments of your membership, association people? I could see putting together a number of lifestyle-type special interest groups that somehow tie into your mission, then giving them space to meet face to face at the annual conference. How cool would that be?

*Thanks to Sally for pointing out what had to be my best typo in months—Human instead of Humane, now fixed. Though when you think about, it really should sort of work either way...

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