Docs getting the message on their role in health disparities

According to an article in the recent edition of AM News, a survey has found that at least some docs are beginning to accept that they play a role in the disparity in the quality of care provided to minority populations. Some of the survey results from the article:

    The AMA Institute for Ethics surveyed nearly 2,000 primary care

    physicians about health care disparities. Among the findings:

    * 89% said they thought it was possible to provide high-quality

    care to all of their patients.

    * 88% cared for minority patients during their training "often" or

    "very often."

    * 87% cared for a patient within the previous month who did not

    speak English fluently.

    * 75% said they were in a position to make a difference in the

    quality of care that minority patients receive.

    * 70% reported being well-informed about possible cultural

    differences between themselves and their patients.

    * 55% agree that minority patients generally receive lower quality

    care than white patients.

    * 50% worked with someone who had a special interest in improving

    the health of minority patients.

    * 41% said their curriculum included some classes specifically

    devoted to minority health issues.

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