Disney's 1st visitor

Disney's 1st visitor

According to the Press telegram, being the first to buy a ticket to Disney World "really cemented my reputation as a weirdo," said David MacPherson. It's a cute story.

In other Disney news, in some grocery stores you can buy torillas with edible Disney Tortilla Decals in the package. Just in case Junior wants to bite Mickey's head off.

Also, ever wondered about Disney's lost and found? I hadn't, but still found this article pretty interesting: Reuniting people with their lost canaries, toupees, glass eyeballs, and diamonds. I loved this quote:

    Disneyland's Lost and Found collects about 140,000 objects each year, most of them hats and sunglasses. Some quests are hopeless, such as trying to recover rolls of film. When patrons came looking for those, McFaul would present a large bin of identical rolls and ask, Any of this look familiar?

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