Disney does it again

A news flash from mickeynews.com: The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Calif., has added a new slate of professional development curriculum presented by the Disney Institute. From the press release: "The new programs, available as an added feature for groups meeting at the Disneyland Resort, coincide with the Resort’s launch of a comprehensive new meetings website and a sales and marketing campaign aimed at meeting planners nationwide."

Led by Disney facilitators, these programs are designed to show "the business behind the magic," in either 90-minute presentations or three-hour workshops "designed to help participants adapt specific Disney strategies to their organizations." Among the offerings are "Nurturing a Creative Culture"; "Framing Up the Opportunities"; "Innovation: Bringing Creativity to Life"; and "A Walk in Walt's Footsteps" Tour. These four new meetings workshops are exclusive to the Disneyland Resort. Other Disney Institute seminar topics such as customer loyalty, quality service and people management are also available.

I've experienced Disney facilitators at various industry meetings, and the ones I've seen really do a fantastic job. I'd love to experience these new workshops first-hand...

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