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The devil's in the details

That's the old saying, anyway. Though there are many who feel that pharma sales reps' detailing of docs can lead to some deviltry--or at least, bad doctoring. I just heard today about a new nonprofit that's forming something called the Counter-detailing Initiative. From the CDI Web site:

    At any given point during the day there are 100,000 drug reps detailing physicians up to 8 times per day each. That's 800,000 promotional details per day!!!

    CDI plans on being the "checks and balance" infrastructure that will fill the void between industry bias and true objectivity.

For more on this initiative, e-mail CDI. What do you think? Is there a need for this initiative? While it might be pie-in-the-sky dreaming at this point, I'd love to see CME get out of the ballroom and into individual practices through academic detailing, perhaps with Web backup. But at least this would be a start. I just wonder how on earth they can fund it.

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