Developing a learning portfolio in gerontological nursing

So, how useful is a clinical learning portfolio, really? This article attempts to find out.

J Clin Nurs. 2005 Sep;14 Suppl 2:75-83. The clinical learning portfolio: a practice development experience in gerontological nursing. Coffey A., College Lecturer, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.


Assessment of clinical practice in post registration programmes can require a different focus to capture the essence of learning at a higher level. There are differences of opinion in the literature on the potential use of the portfolio as an assessment method. Aims. The aims of this paper are to describe the use of a portfolio of evidence-based practice and reflection to assess clinical learning in a Higher Diploma in Gerontological Nursing Programme and to present the findings of a pilot evaluation of this assessment. Design and method. The evaluation was conducted by postal questionnaire distributed to the first cohort of students following graduation from the programme in 2002. Results and conclusions. Arising from this exploration of the student experience, it appears that the use of a portfolio in addition to formative assessment, can promote a link between theory and the advancement of gerontological nursing practice.

Thanks to Anne Taylor-Vaisey for this post.

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