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Developing CME overseas

I just read about Omni Med in, and what a great idea it is:

    [Edward] O'Neil wanted to do more than provide information to fellow doctors. He wanted to provide opportunity. So in 1998 he founded Omni Med (, a nonprofit health organization focused on medical aid in Third World countries.

    To distinguish his organization from others with similar objectives, he zeroed in on three principles: volunteerism, innovative program designs and ethical leadership.

    His idea is catching fire. Beginning with just one program in Belize, Omni Med has branched into Guyana, Kenya and Thailand. The group recruits doctors to train medical personnel in those countries and develop continuing medical education programs there.

    Since January 1999, Omni Med has sent American doctors every other month to aid the Belize Cooperative Medical Education Program. Participants also helped develop a national cervical cancer screening initiative in Guyana and an eye screening and treatment program in Thailand. St. Mary's Hospital, located near the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya, has received more than $700,000 worth of medical supplies from Omni Med.

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