Department of Homeland Security provides grant to AMA to put course online

I read recently that the AMA got $1 million grant for online course from The U.S. Department of Homeland Security to put its disaster and terrorist attack preparedness course online.

    The course has been offered in the classroom setting at various conferences and educational institutions since June 2003. The grant will provide funding to put the program online to increase the number of physicians and other health care professionals in rural and underserved areas who are able to receive the training without missing work or incurring travel expenses. It also will pay to evaluate the course's effectiveness.

    The grant is one of 14 awarded by the Dept. of Homeland Security's Competitive Training Grants Program, which will dole out $34 million in the next month.

This might be worth looking into if your organization offers similar training, or anything that could fall under the security mantle.

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