Denver loves MPI

Well, of course it does. According to an article in the Denver Post, the city expects to reap a $4.5 million-plus benefit from having all of Meeting Professionals International in town. I remember when I was there for ASAE a few years ago, Denver did a fantastic job. It was funny, though, talking with the locals (I lived down the road in Boulder for quite a while and still know a few folks), I found out there was a huge campaign before ASAE to train hospitality-related workers in how to treat ASAE attendees well. It made me feel like we were getting special treatment, and an ordinary group coming in might have a different experience.

It's kind of like a citywide fam, where everyone puts their best foot forward and only shows you the happy-face stuff. While I like being wined and dined as much as the next person, I'd rather see the "real" stuff, and if it's happy, that's great. If it's not, that's something that I'd also want to know ahead of time so I could figure out ways around it--like asking the city to give all those workers a refresher course in hospitality before my group came to town!

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