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Denver celebrates convention center expansion

Things weren't looking so hot for the Denver CVB not too long ago, when reports of bureau-sponsored parties at strip clubs were making the news. But according to the Denver Post, now they have a reason to celebrate for real:

    The board and 800 of its members will be celebrating at tonight's annual meeting at the newly expanded Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver. It's the first official event at the center, which underwent a $310.7 million expansion approved by voters in 1999.
    "I think our product is perfect," said Richard Scharf, who was named president and chief executive of the bureau in March [replacing Eugene Dilbeck, who was fired last fall after the strip club and other incidents]. He said the 2.2 million total square footage of the facility would allow it to host 95 percent of the country's convention business.

Of course, with most of the state's $5.4 million tourism marketing budget earmarked for tourism, getting the word out may take some time.

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