December Almanac is out

Click here for the December issue of the Alliance for CME Almanac. There's yet another rehash of the new ACCME Standards for Commercial Support conflicts of interest documents, plus some interesting articles on CME credit for family physicians, and what the medical school and health system providers sections have been up to.

On a totally different note, I just found out that I'll be able to attend the Alliance's annual conference in January--wahoo! I've never been, but I hear so many good things about it that I can't wait. I hope to see many of you there!

For those who can't make it, I hope to blog it endlessly, as I have been with the fall Society for Academic CME meeting--I still can't believe I got so much out of a one-day meeting. The Alliance may just kill me, if it's as content-rich as I think it will be. I'm just glad this blog wasn't up and running when I went to the CME Congress last spring, which was the best CME meeting I've been to so far, but would have required volumes of blogging to do it justice!

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