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Dealing with low-flow

When stuck with explaining the vagaries of low-flow toilets required by the Clayton, Mo., building codes to its guests, the Clayton on the Park hotel tried to keep a sense of humor.

General Manager Micarl Hill says in a press release, "It’s a sensitive subject both for our guests and our employees, especially our engineering staff," explains Hill…Hill won’t say the low-flow toilet problem had become epidemic in his hotel but they were having so many guest calls that they nicknamed them "Code 10s."

"We had no choice but to educate our hotel guests to flush often," he said. "It was either that or put plungers in all the bathrooms and that was not a realistic option in a luxury all-suite hotel." So he designed the message:

And it worked—they cut "Code 10s" by 78 percent in the first 30 days of implementing the card program in January of 2004 and reduced them by 76 percent for the whole first quarter of 2004.

Hey, it’s Friday. What do you expect, War and Peace?


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