Dancing with dogs

If you're looking for some really different entertainment, and if your attendees are animal lovers, check canine freestyle. It's, well, people who dance with their dogs. But I think it's incredible. Check out Carolyn Scott and Rookie boogying to "You're the One that I Want" from Grease:

They put the routine my Augie dog and I had to Poco's "Rocky Mountain Breakdown" to shame, but then again, neither Augie nor I are quite as talented at dancing as those two are. I don't know if there are groups you can hire professionally, but the freestyle group we used to be in got huge wows at the local senior centers with our holiday show...

And now, to go totally and completely off-topic (hey, it's almost Friday, right?), if your life is feeling a bit hectic these days, check out this post, Slow down, you move too fast, by the fabulous Anne Taylor-Vaisey. She links to sites that will, most definitely, bring your pulse rate down.

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