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Customers behaving badly

So, when we go on the road, we eat too much, drink too much, sleep too little, and generally tend to misbehave, so the findings of this Orbitz Hotel Habits study should come as no surprise—we tend to trash our hotels rooms as well as our bodies.

So, what do we do? "52% of adult Americans who have stayed in a hotel for leisure do things in a hotel that they don't normally do at home, like throwing towels on the floor (25%), using more towels than necessary since they don't have to do the laundry (24%), eating in bed (19%) or leaving the television on when not in the room (13%)," says the press release.

But that’s nothing. While "61% of people nab the toiletries, almost 20% of respondents have or have considered taking the toiletries off the housekeeping cart when the housekeeper isn't looking. Seems as though males ages 18 - 35 confuse the housekeeping cart with the shopping cart, as 32% of this demographic - almost one in three - admitted to taking or considering taking toiletries off the housekeeping cart. Other "souvenirs" include towels (18%), ashtrays (14%), bathrobes (2%) and bathmats (2%).

"The survey also reveals what Americans have snuck into hotel rooms, including extra people (29%), cigarettes in a non-smoking room (12%) and pets (11%). How many people can you fit in one bed? Ask the 52% of 18 - 34 year olds who have snuck extra people into their hotel rooms. Some hotel guests are less likely to pull the sheets over the check-in desk's eyes - such as married people; only 19% of whom have snuck extra people in as compared to 48% of singles."

And hotels actually want us to come back? I wonder if people behave any better on business trips? Nah.


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