Creative solutions to life's little annoyances

You, like me, may be able to tolerate people who cut in front of us in line at the grocery store. We can toss junk mail without too much angst, and ignore loud cellphone yakkers (OK, I fail on the last one), but if you know of someone who lets life's little annoyances drive them bonkers, there's a new book just for them. It's called, not surprisingly, Life's Little Annoyances, and is written by New York Times writer Ian Urbina. From a BoingBoing post:

    It is a compendium of human inventiveness, by turns juvenile and petty, but in other ways inspired and deeply satisfying. We meet the junk-mail recipient who sends back unwanted “business reply” envelopes weighted down with sheet metal, so the mailers will have to pay the postage. We commiserate with the woman who was fed up with the colleague who kept helping himself to her lunch cookies, so she replaced them with dog biscuits that looked like biscotti. And we revel in the seemingly endless number of tactics people use to vent their anger at telemarketers, loud cellphone talkers, spammers, and others who impose themselves on us.

Ah, passive-aggression at its finest. I just ordered two for a couple of people I know who get mad as $% and can't take it anymore all too often. I know, it has nothing to do with meeting planning, but it seems to me that planners have to take more of these little annoyances than those in other professions. (For an idea of what the book is about, check out Mr. Urbina's blog, where you can submit your own ingenious solutions.)

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