Counting carbs on the road just got easier

If you're into the Atkins Diet thing and you're in the business, I can imagine it would be tough to keep track of your daily carb intake during all the inevitable travel. But if you have your trusty cellphone in tow, you soon may be able to count carbs on your phone. From an article in c/net news.com:

    Atkins, which is facing a slowdown in sales of its packaged foods and smaller numbers of consumers following low-carbohydrate diets, said early next year dieters will be able to pay for software that will help them track the carbohydrate contents of foods, as well as their own daily carb intake on mobile phones and handheld computers...Consumers will be able to purchase the software directly through their phones and will have instant access to information on the number of carbs in certain foods, as well as their personal weight loss statistics.

The cynical side of me credits the company for finding yet another way to lighten your wallet as well as your weight at a time when the Atkins phenom is starting to fade.

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