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Conference pedometer count

I tried doing this at PCMA this year, when they handed out pedometers and challenged attendees to track their steps, but kept forgetting to check. I'm going to try to remember to record them daily here at the ASAE conference.

Saturday: 19,487 steps (keep in mind that I had four hours of pacing the Newark airport on that one)

Sunday: 12,009 steps so far, but the night's not over yet. Update: In for the night now, my final count is 15,158 steps today. But since most of them were taken wearing dress shoes, tootsies are feeling it more than yesterday's mostly sneakered steps.

Number of steps from general session to the expo: 359, but I have to recheck that tomorrow, since it doesn't sound quite right.

Update:For Monday, the total is 18,460 steps, but about 5k of that was a run this morning.

Update: Tuesday's total was 12,382 steps.

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