The coast is clear: Jimmy Buffett shores up Gulf Shores with free concert

Singer and leader of the parrothead nation Jimmy Buffett last night put on a free show at the public beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama, to help bring some (35,000 I hear) tourists, attention, and to all-around support Gulf Coast residents and businesses. Since the show also went out on Country Music Television as well, I'm sure just a few more fins, er, fans also listened in. A quote that sums up his attitude about that latitude:

"I saw a sign out there that said, 'What would Jimmy Buffett do? Throw a party at the oil slick!'" Buffett said. "You're right!"

Here's a link to him playing "When the Coast Is Clear," a particularly apt song for the occasion.

While I don't think Gulf Shores has the available room nights of a Chicago or Orlando, it does cater to meetings and I'm sure would welcome yours. From the video of the concert, it looks like the beaches are in good shape.

I love it when celebs remember their roots and pitch in during times of need. Kudos to team Buffett for this one.

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