CME's role in Medicare Part D

Back in September, I was contacted by a guy who works with, an educational site about the new Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit sponsored by Pacificare. He pointed out that educating healthcare workers about this plan would become really important, really soon, and pointed me toward several sites that offer more info. As he said:

    There is a big push to inform not only patients but also healthcare workers, including professional caregivers, doctors, and pharmacists, on the new benefit. It's a pretty big sea change in the realm of prescription drugs, making the federal government the largest purchaser of prescription drugs in the country.

Here is the American Academy of Family Physician's page on it.

Health-System Pharmacists

Inter-American College of Physicians and Surgeons

Community Pharmacists

The issue is also important for Alzheimer's Caregiver community.

And the AMA has a site on how physicians should note that the new law goes further than just prescription drugs.

We'll be covering this in the January/February issue of Medical Meetings, so if anyone has thoughts on how CME will play into the new Medicare D plan, please give me a shout at (978) 448-0377, or drop me an e-mail.

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