CME mentioned in scathing review of pharma practices

This article from the Inter Press Service News Agency, called, "Drug Industry Scandal a 'Crisis,'" focuses mainly on what's behind the success of Vioxx, despite its adverse side effects, and some psychiatric drugs that have recently been accused of causing suicidal tendencies in youngsters. Along with accusations that the FDA is pushing through drugs too quickly and other charges, CME gets thrown into the mix.

    [Dr Joel Lexchin, professor in the School of Public Health Policy and Management at Toronto's York University], who consults on pharmaceutical policy for groups such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and governments including Australia and Canada, estimated that in the last five years, "biased research, suppression of negative studies, over-publication of positive studies and, all their (the pharmaceutical industry's) promotional activities, which includes their funding of continuing medical education," has meant, yearly, "one death per 1,500 people" in the general population.

    That translates into 6,670 deaths a year for every 10 million of a nation's populace. (Emphasis added.)

Just thought you might want to know. If you read the article, please feel free to take advantage of the opportunity to let the editor know your thoughts by clicking on "send your comments to the editor" at the bottom of the article.

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