CME-marketing disconnect?

In response to this reader's request for info on how to get people to attend a paid CME activity when there are so many out there for free, even though a needs assessment identified a need for the CME activity, I've been having an interesting e-mail exchange with another person. She says what we need to do, in addition to having a needs assessment, is to include a perceived needs assessment, so all those who don't know what they don't know will realize why they should attend. You know, so you can include in your marketing materials things like, "Did you know X percent of doctors don't know they should do Y for X disease state?" She adds:

    I think perhaps it is part of a marketing issue, and unfortunately here there is a HUGE disconnect between the CME office and the marketing folks...

So my question is, how do you work with your marketing department to make sure the message really will hit potential learners where they live? Or do you?

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