CME and the Internet have a lot in common

A quick snip from an article in the Harvard Business School Working Knowledge report: "Health care and the Internet are well-matched for each other, quipped one panelist at the IS2K conference, 'because no one wants to pay for either.'" I'd say that's a ditto for CME, wouldn't you? It's an interesting article about new business models that are emerging. But you probably won't be too thrilled with this comment if you hold online events:

    [Daniel D. Moriarty, Assistant Provost and Chief Information Officer of Harvard University (and former Dean of Information Technology at Harvard Medical School)] also reckoned that another emerging frontier is online continuing medical education. While he assessed the current quality of such offerings as "pretty limp," quality can only improve thanks to dramatic interest within the medical community in what the Internet can do.

Here's another interesting article from HBS. This one looks at the possibility or lack thereof of credentialing business leaders like doctors or lawyers. Not that it would ever happen, but it is interesting to think about.

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