CMAJ joins the blogosphere

The Canadian Medical Association Journal has started up its first blog as an experiment on what is and isn't appropriate for a medical journal--how interesting! It's being written by former CMAJ editorial fellow James Maskalyk, under the pen name of Dr. Blog, and so far he's doing a great job. He's blogging about his work with Médecins Sans frontières in Bolivia, and will be taking off before long to work in MSF-sponsored HIV treatment programs in Africa.

Not much to do with CME, far as I can tell, but it's a fascinating look into the healthcare systems in other countries. Thanks to Capsules co-blogger Anne Taylor-Vaisey for the pointer. Anne's in Austin, Texas, for the SACME meeting, and I hope she has the time to fill us in on what's happening. I went to SACME's fall meeting in Boston last year, and it was extremely good.

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