Cherish your whiners

"The bed's too hard." "The coffee's not hot enough." "I had to walk out of that session, it was so boring." "My plane didn't get here on time and I missed the reception—what are you going to do about it?"

Sound familiar? As a counterpoint—or is that complement? to my last post, I wanted to drop a quick note begging you to cherish your whiners. While they may make you grind your teeth and dig your fingernails into your palms, they're also doing you a great service by letting you know what all those polite folks won't say. Sure, there are some folks you can never please, but if by some miracle of diplomacy you do get them to their happy place, you will have won over more than a convert. You'll have someone who will be just as loud about telling others what you did right as they were about what you did wrong. That's pure gold.

OK, off my soapbox for real this time. Thanks for listening.

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