Check your ego at the door?

We all know that some things just ooze ego, and we like to use those things at meetings to make attendees feel important. It's kind of like that ad for Volkswagen where people in various types of cars shout things like, "because my daddy never hugged me" and "because I'm compensating for my shortcomings." Some things just make people feel important—but how do you know for sure what the best ego-stokers are?

Volkswagon, in what I think is a pretty brilliant marketing campaign, came up with Ego Emissions Index, a site that assigns ego-ratings to just about everything. While so far it seems to only put ego emissions ratings by brand on cars, if your meeting is in Las Vegas, you'll be at an ego-tastic 98-EE-rated place. L.A. isn't far behind, at 94. And if you hold a reception at an art gallery, you're appealing to a whopping 98 EE crowd. What I don't understand is why motels get a 52 EE label, while hotels, which I think of as more appealing to the egotists among us, are rated lower at 49. Meetings get a 49 EE, too.

If you don't like what you see, you can vote your opinion, or add a new thing to be rated. Go on, it's a blast!

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