The chapter challenge

According to some planners I've been e-chatting with, if association members are happy with their local chapter, they tend to be happy with the organization as a whole. So why, then, don't more associations play up the chapter aspect in their annual meetings?

PCMA tends to do a really good job with this, IMHO, though it's been a few years since I attended. But they had fun teambuilding sorts of events that pit the chapters against each other to do silly things like write a song about their area and perform it in front of everyone. I've also seen some "Jeopardy" type sessions that have representatives of the various chapters as contestants. The energy level goes through the roof, and people who may not have been active in their local chapter (such as moi) get to know people and want to do more with like-minded folks in their area.

Seems like everyone would benefit, especially if the chapter challenges were really fun and involving (if anyone has done anything interesting along these lines, please let me know. I'm looking for ideas we could use in a professional association I'm involved with!).

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