Carling Dinkler is OK

Here's a note we received from Carling Dinkler:

    To all customers, associates and friends,

    We got out of New Orleans on Sunday and moved 150 miles west of the city to stay with close friends. We are for the moment safe. The city is a total disaster and each hour the reports get worse. The deaths in New Orleans are real and quite heartbreaking. There is no power, water or anything in the city of New Orleans. We are not sure how our homes and office made out but it does not look good. Most have lost everything. Although we are fortunate to have an office in Las Vegas, I have decided to stay nearby so that we can go home at some point to see what is left. We will most likely move our New Orleans office to Las Vegas in the next few weeks and work as best we can from there. The days ahead will not be easy but with all your help and prayers we will make it and we will rebuild our wonderful city. One million people did leave the city so there will be a future we just do not know when. For now we must focus on our families and loved ones, as some are still missing. As most of you who know me, I am by nature a fighter and I will continue to fight even knowing the days ahead will be very trying.

    Please understand that we value each and every one of our clients but we have to figure this mind blowing problem out before when can go forward with any proper plans.

    Finally we value our relationship with each and every one of our customers and will communicate as we know what is happening. Daralyn Chase in our Las Vegas office is there to help and can be reached at (702) 228-6393 or [email protected] Our Vegas office will hold the fort down until we can join them. It would be very helpful, as we do not have access to any of our files, if any customers with up coming programs in New Orleans, could forward all meeting information and contracts to Daralyn in Las Vegas.

    At this time, I must focus all those whose lives have been affected by this horrific disaster. We appreciate your understanding and ask for your prayers.


    Carling Dinkler, III

    Custom Conventions

You got them, Carl. Thanks for letting us know what's going on with you.

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