Career questions

ASAE's Lisa Junker posted three great questions to ask yourself about your career if you are considering making a change (gleaned from a conversation she had with June Cline, CSP, CSAC, Open Heart Communications, a career coach at #ASAE10's annual meeting. The first one is key: "Does [your job] give you energy or does it take it away?"

It really resonated with me because of a conversation I had the other day with a friend who left a stable, if boring, job to take a leap into entrepreneurship. He said he had really begun to notice that he was wrung out after working his day job, but energized after working on his new business. It was, he said, night and day, and made it obvious which direction he should move in.

Here's hoping your job, while I'm sure it's not without its frustrations, keeps you humming (even on a Monday)!

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