Caption this New Yorker cartoon

Caption this New Yorker cartoon

New Yorker magazine has been running this cartoon contest for a while, but this week's is too good to pass up.

There are a couple of good ones for this cartoon over at DB's Medical Rants. My favorites:

    “This interview is being monitored for QA purposes.”

    "Don't worry, the drug representative will only follow you until you get your prescription filled."

The actual captions open for voting on are:

    "Good news! We have a solid lead on who stole your liver."

    Submitted by Tom Romig

    Royal Oak, Mich.

    “Instead of an expensive, invasive procedure, we've decided to beat it out of you.”

    Submitted by Michael Lichter

    Brooklyn, N.Y.

    “That rash will need constant monitoring.”

    Submitted by Aisling Dugan

    Providence, R.I.

Cast your vote by the 18th at The New Yorker site.

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