Bye Toronto, hello Boston

It was sad having to leave ASAE and Toronto last night. I had such a wonderful time, though it was bittersweet, knowing that it was likely my last time at that show (since I'm moving on to Medical Meetings, the new editor of Association Meetings will be the lucky one going to future ASAE shows).

It took forever to get home, mainly because of some scary thunderstorms in the New York area last night. I was watching the lightning crashing down, seemingly on the runway itself, it was so close. The plane was shaking from the thunder, and the thought of launching up into all that was not very reassuring, especially to a weenie flier like me. So I was glad the first time the pilot came on the PA system to say he was shutting down the engines because they just closed our lane. Then he came on again to say our lane was opened up...wait, no, just closed it due to another cell moving in...open again...closed...now we're 35th in line for takeoff...anyway, I didn't quite see the sunrise driving home from Boston, but it was the latest night I've had in a long time.

And today I'm slam-dunked with production issues for my new magazine, so I don't think I'm going to have much time to write up more of my ASAE notes until maybe tonight. The social media and meetings session I went to yesterday morning was much better than I had anticipated--I'll definitely have more to say about that one when I get a chance.

For those flying home today, safe travels! And do let me know how BTO was last night. It kills me to have to have missed the closing party, but the air piece was so tricky, that was the only reasonable flight option I had when I booked. If I'd only known I was going to spend all night in the airport/on planes anyway, maybe I could have done it differently? Oh well, woulda, coulda, shoulda. I hope someone danced up a storm for me!

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