Building new site for Katrina news

Sorry to be so quiet today—I have no kidding 50 things backed up I want to talk about. But instead I spent today wresting with getting some magazine production done (we ship to the printer next week) and building a new site for Katrina-related news and resources. In the meantime, check out what our sister magazine, Special Events, has done. There are listings of people willing to open their homes to industry refugees, positions open, stories from survivors, just some amazing stuff.

Of course, we want to continue what they started. If you have ways you want to help your colleagues in hurricane-hit areas, stories to share, or resources you can provide, drop me an e-mail. As soon as I get the site up, there will be a way to post things yourself. Hopefully, that'll be tomorrow.

updateChange in plan. I created some new categories for face2face instead of setting up yet another place to go, since I seem to be obsessing about Katrina-related news anyway. Changes to the site coming shortly. And I'm now up to 87 items I want to post...

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