BTC radio to debut tomorrow

At 8 p.m. tomorrow (Sunday, Oct. 16), the Business Travel Coalition will launch a business-travel radio show that sounds really interesting. From the new BTC blog:

    BTC Radio listeners are not typical drive-time commuters. Rather, our listeners are the government officials who oversee the travel industry, the suppliers, distributors and corporate buyers whose decisions and strategies shape it and the reporters who cover it. The format is conversational, pre-recorded and published Sunday evenings at 8p (EDT). Shows are indefinitely archived; available for listening 24x7x365.

    The 30 to 45-minute show has 3 components. First, the top 1 or 2 stories of the week are reviewed with reporters who wrote about them. Second, a major travel industry issue is explored through interviews with experts and industry participants. Third, listener email regarding all manner of business travel issues is addressed.

    You can subscribe to BTC Radio on this site in the top right hand corner so that you will be notified of new entries that you can listen to on you computer or MP3 player. Alternatively, you can have BTC Radio broadcasts automatically downloaded to your Apple iPod. Just visit the Apple Music Store and look for BTC Radio under "Podcasts" and "Travel." Click on the Subscribe button and BTC Radio show will be downloaded to your iPod each time you sync.

I'm going to try to remember to tune in, but if I space it, I'll definitely check out the archive. Topics to be covered:

Oct. 16 - U.S. Airline Bankruptcies

Oct. 23 - EU CRS Liberalization

Oct. 30 - Jet Fuel Crisis

Nov. 6 - Worldwide Bird Flu Pandemic

Nov. 13 - Registered Traveler

Nov. 20 - Travel Management Roundtable

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