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Bruce Harris retires from Conferon, sort of

Bruce Harris retires from Conferon, sort of

I just heard that Bruce Harris, founder of mega meeting planning firm Conferon and president of Conferon Global Services, will be retiring as of March 2. But he'll still be on the CGS Board of Directors and work on some CGS initiatives. Bruce says in a press release:

    "My immediate goal is to spend more time with my two sons and daughter, who live in Dallas, San Diego and St. Louis, respectively," said Harris. "This could not be a better opportunity. My CGS business cards will now read 'Founder and Chairman Emeritus'...and I will be able to do the two things I love most in life: spend more time with both my personal and work families."

He seems to be following the trend of planners who retire, but keep working (huh?) I was reading about last night. I don't know about you, but I can't imagine retiring completely as long as I'm physically able to work. Maybe I'll slow it down, as Bruce seems to be doing, but quit completely? Beyond my ability to contemplate at this point in my life. Talk to me again in 20 years.

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