Broadmoor buys Hotel Jerome

I don't usually blog much about hotel sales, but this one has sentimental value for me--I spent many a night in my ill-spent youth hanging at the bar in the Hotel Jerome in Aspen. Not that we could afford to buy a drink or anything, but we hoped some of the coolness of the place would rub off on our scruffy 20-something, work-three-jobs-to-afford-to-live-in-the-Valley selves. And they tolerated us, even when the inevitable celebs came in. Gotta love that place. Someday, I hope to actually stay there.

But I digress. The news is that The Broadmoor has bought the Hotel Jerome, and I can't think of a better deal than that. I've only been to the Broadmoor a few times--and staying there remained a dream throughout my Colorado years--but it has a similar feel to it as does the Hotel Jerome, and I know they'll take good care of it.

Now I'm starting to wax seriously nostalgic for some of my old Rocky Mountain haunts...

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