British Airways has a brand new bag

Or, more accurately, they want to charge you for yours. According to this article on MSNBC:

    British Airways will begin limiting some of its long haul passengers to a single bag per passenger — and charging them 120 pounds ($236) per flight for every extra piece of luggage each way, the company said Thursday.

    The change applies to passengers flying economy class to destinations outside North America, the Caribbean, Nigeria and Brazil. While passengers to destinations such as Europe and Asia were previously allowed as many bags as they wished, they would now be limited to one bag — and charged for the excess.

While the airline says this actually could end up being less expensive than the old system, which charged by weight for any excess baggage. I don't know, but a $236 charge per extra bag sounds awfully high to me. But I wouldn't count out seeing something similar happen at other airlines as well. Personally, I'd rather see a discount for those who limit themselves to one bag, but that's just me.

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