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Bristol-Myers Squibb changes DTC policy

From an article in Ad Age:

Bristol-Myers Squibb Announces New DTC Policy

Will Cease Ads During First Year of a New Drug's Release

WASHINGTON ( -- Bristol-Myers Squibb has broken industry ranks to become the first drug maker to voluntarily abandon direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical ads during a product's first year and will also limit the times of day when it advertises drugs on TV.

But if you look at the one-page PDF BMS posted to its new

DTC "Communications Code" at its corporate site, what the company is really saying is that it will put a one-year moratorium on branded broadcast advertising for a new product. But, they still will do unbranded disease awareness and education ads, and they'll still "refer consumers and healthcare professionals to websites which will have information about our

medications, including links to safety and prescribing information."

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