Boutique no longer chic?

According to this article, those ultra-chic boutique hotels may be becoming passe. From the article:

    There's a backlash brewing against boutique hotels. While brands like Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.'s W are still thriving, the now-23-year-old segment is finding that some customers -- even once loyal ones -- are getting tired of their tragically hip ways. Generation X consumers, the traditional target market, are aging and their priorities are changing. Once smitten with trendy furnishings and achingly cool bars -- and unfazed by inferior amenities, tiny rooms and snooty hotel staff -- boutique customers increasingly say they're just as interested in good service and a good room as they are in style.

While I like a good coolness factor as much as any gen-Xer, give me a comfortable bed and great customer service, and I'm a happy guest, so I'm at one with this trend.

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