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The bottom line on conflicts of interest

Finally, a clean, clear, forthright discussion on the potential for conflicts of interest in continuing medical education, and how to minimize the risk that COI will negatively affect CME, brought to you by the good folks at CME Peer Review, LLC, an independent CME review organization. You'll see a lot of familiar faces from all corners of the CME world, including Maureen Doyle-Scharff, William Mencia, John Kamp, Richard Tischler, Stephen Lewis, Jacqueline Parochka, Elizabeth Yarboro, Kurt Boyce, Matthew Freese, Karen Overstreet, and Audrie Tornow (love to see so many of our columnists represented in this video!).

According to a press release, CME Peer Review, produced the video to "help advance awareness of COI with a goal of enhancing the quality of continuing education. 'Standardized, effective management of COI allows planners and faculty to focus on what is important – enhancing patient care,' says Jane Ruppenkamp, President, CME Peer Review."

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