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Boating for business

I've heard of meetings happening on trains, planes, and automobiles (well, buses, anyway), but I hadn't thought of using a boat as a meeting venue. Not a cruise ship, but a local charter boat, as detailed in this article from the Palm Beach Post. From the article:

    "This is a whole different experience. Companies are looking to do things differently, especially when they're entertaining clients," said Duane MacPhail, president of Palm Beach Yachts International, a yacht management and charter firm in West Palm Beach. "It's the exclusivity of it, being able to talk to clients or employees captively. There are no distractions, and it's a beautiful setting."

    MacPhail estimates that about one-third of his charter customers are companies looking to conduct business on the water, from product launches to year-end wrap-ups.

    "That was nonexistent five years ago," he said.

I'd love to try this for one of our weekly editorial meetings, but maybe I'll wait until summer to suggest it. Somehow, I think Boston is a little different than Palm Beach in January.

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