Blue Shield of California Foundation to offer free domestic violence CME

According to this press release, the Blue Shield of California Foundation is investing $355,450 to provide free access to its doemstic violence online training program for two years to California physicians. It's also good for up to 16 credits.

From the release:

    It provides doctors the tools and information they need to help patients who may be victims of domestic violence while, at the same time, allowing doctors to meet state requirements for continuing education... CME program includes text-based simulations, multi-media tutorials, video presentations by domestic violence experts, downloadable practice tools, and links to National Library of Medicine journal abstracts. It was developed under a grant from the National Institute of Mental Health to Medical Directions, Inc. (MDI) of Tucson, Ariz. Earlier this year MDI received an Alliance for Continuing Medical Education award for its research in developing the program.

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