The blog is back

It seems like just yesterday (definitely not two and a half years ago!) when I bid this blog a fond adieu as I moved on to a new job. But now I've boomeranged back to Medical Meetings, and I'm bringing my blog with me.

So if you've been hanging around this neighborhood for a while, say hi to your old friend, Capsules. I'll try to stay on top of all the latest news in the world of pharma marketing regulations, CME, and whatever else seems relevant, interesting, or just worth sharing with you all. I thought about starting fresh and deleting all the old posts, but you know, they just might come in handy sometime, so I'm leaving them up. Just remember that everything older than this post is a couple of years older!

Please feel free to drop a comment in the comment box (you can do it anonymously if you'd prefer), or e-mail me with your thoughts on what's happening in the world, what you'd like to see happen in the magazine or online, and generally how I can help you find what you need and want to have to do your job even better.

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