Blind peer review and bias

Recommended reading from Anne Taylor-Vaisey: Does blinding during the peer review process decrease bias? Ross JS, Gross CP, Desai MM, Hong Y, Grant AO, Daniels SR, Hachinski VC, Gibbons RJ, Gardner TJ, Krumholz HM. Effect of blinded peer review on abstract acceptance. JAMA 2006;295:1675-1680.

This study of abstract acceptance at a national meeting, published in the April 12 JAMA, provides evidence of bias in the open review of abstracts, favoring authors from the United States, English-speaking countries outside the United States, and prestigious academic institutions.

Read more here.

Note from Sue: I don't pick up all of Anne's great info (though I do try to pass along the most CME-related of all she posts). To see all her reading recommendations, go to ATV's Page.

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