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Birds of (unusual) feathers flocking together

This article is from 1997 and may not be totally correct, but its commentary about some of the more unusual associations cracked me up:

"Pickle Packers International (whose tongue-twisting address is 1 Pickle and Pepper Plaza)"

"Flying Funeral Directors (for morticians who are pilots)"

"Marine Mammal Stranding Center (which actually does the opposite of what its name implies and, better still, publishes a newsletter called the Blowhole) and the American Council of Spotted Asses (we know what you're thinking, but it's really just a coalition of donkey owners)"

"International Hibernation Society: When we called, everyone was mysteriously unavailable.

Loners of America: Think about it. An association of loners."

Sorry, but I needed a good laugh this morning! What's the weirdest-sounding association you've heard of?

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