Beware of fake speakers

Check this out: Protesters spring big hoax on oil expo audience. It seems these two guys who call themselves the Yes Men posed as oil industry experts to get speaking gigs at the conference, and weren't exposed as frauds until "candles supposedly made from remains of a deceased ExxonMobil janitor named Reggie Watts were handed out" to attendees. Eew. From the article:

    As the Yes Men, the pair have travelled the world with an anti-globalization agenda perpetrating hoaxes on groups ranging from the World Trade Organization to the BBC.

    In Calgary, ostensibly to promote their book and a documentary they filmed three years ago at the Plaza Theatre tonight, the activists said they couldn't resist taking a shot at the oil and gas trade show, held over three days this week at Stampede Park.

    "This was a great opportunity for us, like the holy grail, really," said Bichlbaum.

The organizers, understandably, were beyond peeved. Can you even imagine having something like this happen? It sounds like these guys have been able to pull this over quite a few times. In fact, they even got a gig showing a multimedia presentation of their various hoaxes, instead of a night or two in jail.

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